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Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn's Orphans Of Islam



"And they feed, for the love of Allah, the poor, the orphan, and the captive..." [Soorah al-Insaan, 8]

When a little girl cries halfway around the world, are her tears any less real?

  • Would you like to be like a Mujaahid or like those who spend their days fasting and their nights praying?

"One who cares for widows and the poor is like those who fight in the way of Allah or those who spend their days fasting and their nights praying." [Agreed upon, also in Adab al-Mufrad of Imaam Al-Bukhari in the chapter "The Virtue of Those Who Care for Orphans"]

  • Would you like your heart to soften and Allah subhaanahu wata`aalaa to answer your prayers?

A man once came to the Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu`alaihi wasallam, and complained that he feels hardness in his heart.  The Messenger of Allah said, what translated means, "Would you like that your heart becomes soft and that you acquire what you need?   Be merciful with the orphan, pat his head and feed him from what you eat.  This will soften your heart, and enable you to get what you need." [At-Tabaraanee & As-Silsilah as-Saheehah]

  • Would you like Allah Subhanahuwata`alaa to remove one of your griefs on the Day of Judgment?

"Whoever removes a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the griefs of the Day of Judgment" [Saheeh Muslim]

  • Would you like forgiveness and bounty from Allah subhanahu wata`ala?

"The Shaitan promises you poverty and enjoins you on lewdness. But Allah promises you forgiveness from Himself with bounty. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower." [Soorah al-Baqarah, 268]

  • Would you like angels to make Du'aa for you?

"No day dawns upon [Allah's] servants without two angels descending [to Earth]. One of them says, 'O Allah, give recompense (khalaf) to those who give [charity]!'; the other says, 'O Allah give loss (talaf) to those who withhold [charity]!'" 
[Agreed upon]

  • Would you like to be in the eternal Jannah with our beloved Prophet and the best of creation, sallallaahu`alaihi wasallam?

"I and the caretaker of the orphan will enter Paradise together like this, raising (by way of illustration) his forefinger and middle finger jointly, leaving no space in between." [Saheeh al-Bukhaari]

Your compassion and generosity can make a difference in the lives of thousands of Muslims around the world! Help bring a smile to your orphan brothers and sisters.

Can one get a better deal for 1$ a day?

It is only 30$ a month?

If Allaah has provided, you can take the yearly sponsor-ship with as low as 365$ a year

This year (2012) our Orphaned children were able to enjoy a cow for the Qurbani. Our Orphane’s cannot always study the Diyn or Academically, due to insufficient means to do so; also because of the dilapidated building they have to use only on weekends. Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn, Inc., in Ghana, Africa, needs sponsors.

Sponsor an orphan so that Allah may take care of you.  

Anyone willing to get the reward of Sadaqah Jaariya (running charity)? Sponsor an Orphane student of religious knowledge, and Elevate the religion.  Sponsor and increase your rank before Allah.

Allaah Reminds us:

“And whatsoever you spend of anything (in the cause of Allaah), He will replace it. He is the Best of those who grants sustenance.” [Soorah Saba‘ 34:39]

What do you need to do to sponsor an orphan?

If you would like some of your wealth to be used for the above purposes Feesabilillaah then please fill out the below form and support us and Help Us for The Sake of Allah because we are really having a hard time to help ease the suffering of our Muslim orphan brothers and sisters. Here's How you can Help us to Help them Better


Any financial help to “Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn, Inc., Orphane & Muslimah Shelter, in Ghana and New York” can be done in the form of Donation, Zakah or Fi-sabi-Lillaah 

The contribution can be given in the form of Draft/ Cheque/ Money order or Cash in the favour of 

“Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn, Inc”

Our Postal Address: 
Post Box No: 210130
Brooklyn, NY 11221


Include your email address and we will notify you of our receipt. For your convenience you may send multiple post-dated Items Also.

If you are unable to help directly then perhaps there are others to whom you can pass on this information.

May Allah Subhaanawata'ãlaa make an easy way for all Muslims and keep our Imaan strong and protect us all from the evils of shaitaan and forgive us all of our sins and grant us all His Jannah, 

May Allah Guide us all to Truth and keep us on the straight path, and improve our affairs and purify us for the hereafter, Aamiyn.

Please make du’a for us.

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Wassalaamu'alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wa Barkatuh.

   May Allah help, protect and guide us in our efforts  to please him.

  • a shelter in Ghana
    a shelter in Ghana
  • Some of our children in need
    Some of our children in need
  • One of our places for teaching the children; and housing them
    One of our places for teaching the children; and housing them
a shelter in Ghana
a shelter in Ghana









   Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn, Inc, has extended its office to Ghana, and is looking for volunteers to assist in runing its branch there.

   Seeba F.M. Juabin manages our Ghana branch.

   He has set qur'anic recitation sessions there, for those who wish to join.