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Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn's Orphans Of Islam


    I would like to take a moment to give thanks to Allah for allowing me to have such a good brother with me like Seebah. WITHOUT HIM I DONT THINK I WOULD HAVE SURVIVED. Seebah was with me every step of the way, throughout my trip in Ghana. He was there for me and with me, through everything. Seebah went shopping with me and carried packages, and was very respectful in everything we did. He showed me all different parts of Ghana, and gave me advise, helpping me immensely.

   This is a picture of me with the orphan's in Accra Ghana.

   Nigeria is hard pressed with extreme poverty, which is being exploited by the rich and Christian missionaries. The Muslim population, in Nigeria, is even more hard pressed than the rest of the people. There is no sanitation, jobs, or decent medical facilities.