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Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn's Orphans Of Islam



Education Support Program (ESP)

Education is essential in breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty. It lays the foundation for sustained economic growth.


These initiatives encourage and empower the minds and hearts of the future teachers, doctors, engineers and others, who will go on to influence their communities, nations, and ultimately, the world.

Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn Education Support Program (SUMESP) promotes the literacy rate, improves the standard of education and strengthens the education system through diminishing problems in access to quality education.


Particularly, SUMESP focuses on densely populated countries with significantly low literacy rates; Accra, Khumasi, Tamale, and Lagos. Please help SUMESP fulfill its vision by Donating Generously.


SUMESP: Higher Education Scholarship Program
($3/Day-$90/month-$1,000/Year Per Student)


There are many students who despite their highest academic honors are unable to attend higher education because of the high tuition costs of many higher education institutions. These scholarships are tailored for the needy students.


SUMESP: Elementary Education Scholarship Program
($0.50/Day-$15/month-$182/year Per Student)


We have established partnerships with following esteemed educational partners to help educate poor and needy students.


The Muslisul Ulimah of South Africa (CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS

contact the Mujlisul of South Africa by clicking here Muslisul Ulimah


SUMESP: Intermediate Educational Scholarship Program
($1/Day-$30/month-$365/year Per Student)


Our Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP) helps orphan students until they complete 10th grade. We have started Intermediate Educational Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to these same students for completing grade 11th and 12th. (CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS)


SUMESP Building Educational Infrastructure:

 adopted 2 schools in Ghana. SUMESP wishes to established schools in villages of the following districts: Tamale, Accra, Khumasi, and Lagos. The program will benefitted 3,500 student.


  1. SUMESP wishes to begin construction of Al-Huda Public School in Accra and Lagos: to benefit 915 children.


Youth Complex: In Accra and Lagos constructed Youth complex (under Infrastructure Development Program) in 2013. SUMESP would like to renovate the youth school in Madina Accra.


Girls High School SUMESP would like to begin construction of the girls school, which will benfitte 450 female students.